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Important Considerations When Selecting an Inventory Management System

Know how to differentiate between ‘must have items’ and ‘wish list items’: Wish list items tend to force initial system implementations outside of budgets and time frames, while adding little additional value to the new inventory management system. The initial phase of any new system implementation should always focus on business critical tasks to support daily operations. After you are beginning to earn your return on investment, then discussions regarding a second phase to incorporate wish list items should be started. Realistically assess your internal project management and information technology expertise: When working with a software vendor for an inventory…

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Inventory Solutions Part 3: Effective Procedures & Roles for Warehouse Personnel

Warehouse solutions are NOT one-size-fits-all. We know first-hand that every warehouse is unique. With decades of developing and implementing inventory solutions around the world, however, we have identified some fairly universal truths. This is the third installment of our blog series designed to share these common but critical steps towards accurate and efficient inventory management. If you missed Inventory Solutions Part 1: Barcoding Your Warehouse or Inventory Solutions Part 2: Cycle Counting & Barcoding Your Inventory be sure to go back and read these first. The reality is that each of these solutions are most effective, and really only effective,…

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Inventory Solutions Part 2: Cycle Counting & Barcoding Your Inventory

We began this blog series to share some of the most universal and applicable inventory solutions we have experienced over decades of developing and implementing warehouse inventory solutions around the globe. If you missed Inventory Solutions Part 1: Barcoding Your Warehouse be sure to go back and read that as well as each of these solutions are most effective when implemented together.   2. Barcoding Your Inventory   Once you have properly marked and barcoded your warehouse you must begin barcoding your items and entering the barcodes in a system. As you likely already know, buying barcode equipment is a…

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Inventory Solutions Part 1: Barcoding Your Warehouse

Inventory Solutions Part 1: Barcoding Your Warehouse Decades of developing and implementing warehouse inventory solutions around the globe have given the CoreIMS team some very valuable insights into the industry. Where this is a very monumental and long-term warehouse solution for your organization, we are constantly involved with every stage of this process. This gives us the unique ability to pull from numerous past experiences and “case studies”, if you will, to provide the BEST warehouse solution possible for your situation. That said, let’s start at the beginning. Typically, when company management starts looking for inventory software it is because…

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How to Select the Best Warehouse Software

Regardless of the size of your warehouse, selecting the best warehouse software for your warehouse is a huge decision. Factors such as the importance of real-time visibility, integration with existing accounting software, and transition time after purchasing your warehouse management software are all critical elements to be considered.  With over 15 year of experience in logistics, warehouse management and warehouse software development, the CEO of CorePartners, Peter Oykhman, offers a few tips to assist with this process Helpful Hints for Purchasing The Best Warehouse Software For Your Organization Appoint a project manager. Person who will be responsible for the process…

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Case Study: International Olive Importer & Distributor Gets Real-time Visibility Across All Warehouses

The Challenge An olive importer ships product from Europe and distributes it in America from several regional warehouses. The business was growing rapidly and the company was looking for a way to have visibility in real time across all of the regional warehouses. Management was looking for a way to generate useful reports to improve operational efficiency. The Solution Install CoreIMS to manage the business across all facilities and develop custom reports using Crystal Report Writer. The Results The company now benefits from the availability of real-time inventory visibility. They can track lot numbers, record damaged goods, assign goods for shipment and generate on-demand reports.

CoreIMS has a New Look!

Same Proven Inventory Management Software – New Packaging! Big news: CoreIMS has a new look! While we are always updating and improving our software to be the most integrated, effective and intuitive inventory management software on the market, it’s been some time since we refreshed our packaging…until now! Unveiling the new CoreIMS Inventory Management Software Packaging! So, what do you think??? Share your thoughts below or on our Facebook page!

We Love Vault Management

We love vault management. Our Vault Management version of CoreIMS™ looks and feels completely different from our standard edition inventory management software, as is it specifically designed and built for this exact purpose. It keeps,  however, the same tested and proven inventory engine inside. But first, what is Vault Management? Vault Management software is a branch of inventory warehouse management software serving a very specific Precious Metal market. Instead of counting “boring” screws, coffee machines, gift sets or telecommunication equipment in the warehouse, we are keeping track of gold, silver, platinum bars, coins and other forms of precious metals. Vaults are…

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Case Study: Contract Warehousing Company Manages Inventory Levels, Expiration Dates and Shipments for Major Beverage Manufacturer

The Challenge A contract warehousing company stores and ships beverages for a major manufacturer. Inventories are maintained manually on spreadsheets. Physical inventory counts are conducted several times a week to maintain accuracy. There is no reliable method to do lot tracking or manage product expiration dates. Receipts, movements and shipments are all done manually. The manufacturer is planning to implement a new ERP system in 12-18 months time which will be made available to the warehousing company. Our contract warehouse can’t wait that long and needs a solution now. The Solution CoreIMS is implemented along with RF bar code scanning….

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Sage Summit 2014 Las Vegas

CorePartners represented by Bob Reckers and I went to Las Vegas last week . We have been very interested in the Sage space in the last few years, and have quite a few good implementations with Sage 50 US product (former PeachTree). We also developed Sage 100 integration last year that is going through the final testing this week. About the show. Great job as usual on Sage part; very organized and professional. Conference and the show was from Monday through Thursday. Program included Key notes from Sage management and speakers including Pimm Fox from Bloomberg, Carl Rove, Rich Karlgaard…

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