Inventory Managment Systems
Inventory Managment Systems - CoreIMS
CoreIMS™ has developed customized solutions to meet the special challenges of many different environments. Learn More »
Inventory Managment Services
Inventory Managment Services - CoreIMS
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Features and Functionality
Features and Functionality - CoreIMS
CoreIMS™ offers a wide variety of features including effective stock management, multiple independent warehouse support, custom fields support, advanced barcode support, and more. Learn More »
Inventory Solutions for your Industry
Inventory Solutions for your Industry - CoreIMS
Regardless of Industry, CoreIMS™ provides instant real-time inventory visibility and accountability across your organization Learn More »
SaaS Advantages
SaaS Advantages - CoreIMS
More and more companies are moving their business solutions to the cloud and many of them prefer a SaaS model (vs. on-premise solutions). Learn More »
Modules and Integrations
Modules and Integrations - CoreIMS
Wide variety of additional modules and built in integrations insure fast and easy implementation in any complex environment. Learn More »

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Whether you’re in manufacturing or wholesale, your Inventory is one of your biggest problems and expense. Can you afford not to manage it effectively? Inventory management software helps you to understand cost of your inventory, goods sold and stock movement across multiple locations. You can strategically order/reorder stock to keep up with demand without overstocking.

Without Inventory system it’s difficult to check availability and sell warehouse stock directly; you’re creating unnecessary challenges for your management and sales people. Real Time connection between your warehouses to your sales channels allows for faster, accurate fulfillment of orders. This will create customer satisfaction and will keep your customers loyal.

In order to see the bigger picture and make right decisions, your management needs the right information in the right place at the right time. Centralize your management reporting and make it easy to mine your real time data. Whether you’re forecasting or tracking sales, CoreIMS keeps all your data in one easy-to-access place.

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The Core Inventory Management System (CoreIMS™) is a cost-effective robust inventory management system that provides flexibility in supporting warehouse operations.

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Quickbooks & Sage


As a Sage and QuickBooks™ Partner, the CoreIMS™ inventory management systems securely and accurately integrates with your Sage and QuickBooks™ accounting systems, and we maintain full feature compatibility as new versions of software are released.

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Today’s US Government, manufacturers, distributors and even more 3PLs facilities are increasingly burdened with managing and supporting their own supply chain IT infrastructure. Contributing factors for that process could be US Military operations overseas, global economy, outsourced manufacturing, M&A, and global on-line market. All these factors usually diminish organization’s ability to keep SCM in general and inventory/warehouse software systems online and accurate during critical operation times.

Peter Oykhman, President of CoreIMS™, has worked in logistics for over 15 years both in the USA and abroad. He brings his years of wisdom together in his eBook Solving the Limited Connection Remote Warehouse Problem with High Availability Decentralized Solutions to help you answer these critical questions.

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