CoreIMS™ Customization

CoreIMS™ is unmatched in its ability to address a far ranging set of inventory management needs as delivered off the shelf.  However, many customers prefer a more specific solution based on the existing functionality of CoreIMS™. For these customers, CorePartners, Inc. is pleased to be of service in estimating, developing, implementing and training on the desired customized solution.  Our consultants and development staff are highly skilled and experienced in the specification and development of expanded solutions based on the existing CoreIMS™ code base.  Once a project is specified and approved for development, it is managed through development and quality assurance cycles to ensure the desired product is delivered to meet expectations in a timely manner.

The history of customization examples have ranged from simple customer logo placement to completely new module development. For example one customer prefers to direct operations from an “Inventory Dashboard” available from the top level CoreIMS™ user interface display. This “Inventory Dashboard” displays stock summaries in a top level view across multiple sites (i.e. warehouses) so that stocks of interest may be selected for drill down to evaluate possible replenishing and balancing operations.

CoreIMS™ is delivered with industry standard barcode scanning capability, so that barcodes are interpreted as displayed on the label as item, location, pallet, quantity, serial number, etc. However in some cases a single barcode is formatted to present information in a compact form that must be parsed into multiple data fields as it is scanned. For example a 16 character barcode might contain short representations for customer, project, product, quantity, color, pallet, etc. With a minor customization to the CoreIMS™ scanning module, these representations are placed into the appropriate CoreIMS™ database fields during the scanning operation.

These are but two straightforward examples among a great quantity and variety that have been implemented in an accurate and timely fashion as part of the expanding coverage of CoreIMS™.