Quickbooks & Sage


  • Data exchange occurs automatically
  • Purchase Orders/Sales Orders entered in Accounting System are transferred to CoreIMS™ to initiate warehousing activities
  • Allocates pick inventory to orders by location, lot/serial #s, expiration date
  • Receipts and Shipments are exported to the Accounting System to update inventory and initiate accounting activities
  • Received goods against Purchase Order


  • Import to CoreIMS™: the customer and vendor lists, items, purchase orders, and sales orders
  • Exported from CoreIMS™: inventory transactions as invoices, bills, credit memos
  • Multiple warehouses
  • Multiple locations
  • Barcode Scanning and Printing


  • Run business in Accounting System but execute inventory activities in CoreIMS™
  • Inventory in Accounting System equals inventory in CoreIMS™
  • Data exchange occurs without Accounting System being access by Warehouse staff