The CoreIMS Platform

CoreIMS platform utilizes distributed Service-Oriented Architecture, which gives flexibility in customization and deployment. The main components are:

  • CoreIMS 4.0 Desktop application (windows-based application that provides users with the ability to perform inventory operations through the internet/intranet. This includes running various reports and tracking inventory status and conditions).
  • Set of services to support desktop and mobile applications (Inventory, Receiving, Shipping etc.)
  • CoreIMS Mobile RF operations are supported by the CoreIMS RF Server and CoreIMS RF Mobile client application. Cooperatively they provide the ability to work with CoreIMS through mobile devices and make use of the advantages associated with RF solutions.
  • CoreIMS reporting tools are based on Crystal Reports, so newly modified or created reports may be quickly added. All CoreIMS reports are available through the CoreIMS UI.
  • The CoreIMS BT Module allows for seamless work with many types of label printing equipment (supported by Seagull BarTender® label design and printing products).
  • Web-based responsive Front End application for warehouse users in fields or 3PL customers. Can be used on any devices with modern web browsers (desktops, laptops, tablets, phones). Features include browsing current inventory levels, creating shipping/receiving/transfer orders, dealing with returns, comprehensive dashboard etc.
  • The XML based integration tool provides a flexible way for future integration associated with data import/export to other agency systems.
  • REST-based API that provides the ability for 3rd party systems to integrate with CoreIMS.
  • Billing module for invoicing 3PL customers.