CoreIMS Inventory Management…

not just a software, but rather an investment in:
  • military readiness
  • emergency preparedness
  • government agencies accountability
  • fleet / equipment control
  • weapons / ammo tracking
  • barcode scanning and printing

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Inventory Management
Inventory Management - CoreIMS Control your cost and established transparency and accuracy with automated inventory management system CoreIMS. Learn More »
Asset / Property Book Management
Asset / Property Book Management - CoreIMS CorePBM is a system of records; therefore it tracks User actions in the Property Book module. Learn More »
Vehicle / Equipment Maintenance
Vehicle / Equipment Maintenance - CoreIMS From preventative care to standard service to complex repairs in multiple locations, Core M3 module will help to keep track of any and all services, manage parts, notify of problems and provide equipment Readiness Information. Learn More »
Available Services
Available Services - CoreIMS CorePartners offers wide variety of services from Software Implementation and Training to Software Development, Consulting and AI/ML/DL, IoT, BI Projects. Learn More »
Industry Solutions & Case Studies
Industry Solutions & Case Studies - CoreIMS Case Study provides real life examples of CoreIMS solutions implemented for various USG customers across the US and worldwide. Learn More »
Why Choose CoreIMS?
Why Choose CoreIMS? - CoreIMS We have built a reputation for excellence in custom software development and IT consulting specializing in inventory/warehouse management and logistics in the Government sector. Learn More »
How it Works

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GSA Advantage

CoreIMS is now on the GSA  Advantage Schedule!

An updated CoreIMS™ product line designed specifically for government applications.

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Quickbooks & Sage

As a Sage and QuickBooks™ Partner, the CoreIMS™ inventory management systems securely and accurately integrates with your Sage and QuickBooks™ accounting systems, and we maintain full feature compatibility as new versions of software are released.

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The most common question we see from our customers is “when I buy your software, will it make my warehouse more efficient?”  Unfortunately there is no simple answer for that. The answer mostly depends on the business processes in your organization and your organizations willingness to change these processes.

Peter Oykhman, President of CoreIMS™, has worked in logistics for over 15 years both in the USA and abroad. He brings his years of wisdom together in his eBook Organizing Your Warehouse to help you answer these critical questions.