Advantages of CoreIMS SAAS Inventory Management

More and more companies are moving their business solutions to the cloud and many of them prefer a SaaS model (vs. on-premise solutions). Here are some benefits for CoreIMS SaaS solution from CorePartners.

Reduced Time to Benefit

Different from the traditional model, in SaaS CoreIMS software/CoreIMS application is already installed and configured. Our Customers has the advantage of provisioning the server for an instance in cloud and in a few hours they can have the application ready for use. This reduces the time spent in traditional installation and configuration.

Lower Costs to Customer

CoreIMS SaaS has a differential regarding costs since it resides in a shared or multi-tenant environment where the hardware and software license costs are low compared with the traditional Inventory System residing on Customer’s server.It allows small and medium businesses (SMB) to have access and use software that otherwise they would not be able to afford.

Maintenance costs are reduced dramatically as well, since the SaaS provider owns the environment and it is split among all customers that use that solution.

High Scalability and Integration

CoreIMS SaaS solutions reside in cloud environments that are scalable and have integration with other SaaS packages like QB. Comparing with the traditional model, users do not have to buy another server or software.

Easy New Release (Upgrade) Process

CorePartners will automatically upgrade/update CoreIMS SaaS solution and it will become available for our customers immediately. Costs and effort associated with upgrades and new releases are lower than traditional CoreIMS model that usually offer end user to buy an upgrade package and install it, or purchase specialized services to get the environment upgraded.

Easy to Use and Perform Proof of Concepts

CoreIMS SaaS offering is easy to use since they already come with best practices and samples inside it. Users can do proof of concepts and test the software functionality or a new release feature in advance. Even for large environments, users can use CoreIMS SaaS offerings to test the software before buy it.

CPI has embraced the advantages of SaaS and has built a portfolio of SaaS applications which solve critical Inventory Warehouse Management needs for our clients. Free 30 days trial is available on request.

Anytime Access to Data

Because your CoreIMS data can be accessed via the Internet you can also access this information on any mobile device as well. You can check your inventory stock levels and keep tabs on upcoming re-order points, the status of shipments, and many other important things. Customer also can set up individual access rights to limit the access that each user can gain to sensitive information, and track changes made by users in the system.

Summary of Benefits

CoreIMS Inventory Management software offered SaaS solution and it is available through an Internet connection on any desktop or mobile device. This gives a number of benefits to companies, including:

  • Reduce Time to Benefit
  • Lower Cost to End Users
  • High Scalability and Integration 
  • Easy New Releases and Upgrades Process
  • Easy to use and perform proof of concepts
  • Access to inventory data anytime

With the starting price as low as $50/User/month