Available Modules & Integrations for CoreIMSTM


PT Accounting (CorePT) is the CoreIMS™ Sage 50 (former PeachTree®) integration module. It allows for the import of sales and purchase order data from Sage 50 to CoreIMS™ as well as the import of customer and inventory information seamlessly. After processing in CoreIMS™, corresponding order information may be exported to Sage 50 via CoreIMS™ Bill of Lading and Receipt data.


Accounting Bridge (CoreAB) is the CoreIMS™ QuickBooks® integration module. It allows the synchronization and adjustment of inventory between QuickBooks® and CoreIMS™ as well as the import of customer lists, purchase orders and sales orders. After processing in CoreIMS™ corresponding orders are exported to QuickBooks® as invoices, bills, and credit memos.

**Does not support Advance Inventory Module.


Worldship Integration Module (CoreWS) interfaces with UPS WorldShip® to allow transmission of packaging information such as shipping address, package dimensions, and weight directly from CoreIMS™ to UPS WorldShip®. In return shipping information such as shipping charges and tracking numbers are returned from WorldShip® to CoreIMS™ for subsequent use.


Front End Module (CoreFE) Web-based responsive Front End application for warehouse users in fields or 3PL customers. Can be used on any devices with modern web browsers (desktops, laptops, tablets, phones). Features include browsing current inventory levels, creating shipping/receiving/transfer orders, dealing with returns, comprehensive dashboard etc.


Billing module (Core3PL) is available for 3rd party logistics companies. It’s an automatic charge and billing module made available with CoreIMS™ Enterprise Edition. Customer contracts may be defined and charges accumulated accorded to selected criteria. These criteria include by weight, storage space, order count, order line count, handled quantities, etc. Additionally charges may be added manually as needed. Associated reports include customer invoices and warehouse revenue breakdowns.


Electronic Data Interchange (CoreEDI) provides for integration with existing EDI platforms. Shipping, receiving, and transfer orders are automatically ingested and acknowledgments returned as the related orders are processed. Extensive configuration options are available so that EDI operations may be readily coordinated with your preferred EDI provider.


Application Programming Interface (CoreAPI) is for customers interested in customizing CoreIMS™ to meet specific organizational needs. REST-based API that provides the ability for 3rd party systems to integrate with CoreIMS.

The XML based integration tool provides a flexible way for future integration associated with data import/export to other agency systems.

Core BT

The CoreIMS BT Module allows for seamless work with many types of label printing equipment (supported by Seagull BarTender® label design and printing products).

Barcode Scanning and Printing

WinMobile RF (CoreWinSC) is the miniature version of CoreIMS™ designed to run on mobile computers with barcode scanning capability. It is a touchscreen application that encompasses all the functionality needed for mobile warehouse operations where WiFi connectivity is available. This includes order processing and report and label printing.

CoreIMS™ RF© (CoreRF) It includes a complete set of warehouse operational features, including order processing, cycle counting, and label printing. It works with any device capable of WiFi connectivity.

CoreIMS™ BT© (CoreBT) is the label printing server module for CoreIMS™. It operates seamlessly with Seagull Scientific’s BarTender product to print barcode labels from CoreIMS™ during operations. CoreIMS™ is delivered with a standard set of BarTender labels that may be modified to use with local label printers and associated label stock.

CoreIMS™ barcode printing operations are supported by Seagull Scientific BarTender barcode label design and printing software. As such, any label printer supported by BarTender (including RFID devices) is supported by CoreIMS™. This includes printers from over 80 manufacturers, including Zebra which itself markets over 150 label printers. The CoreIMS™ approved compatibility list for label printers includes numerous Zebra Printers.