Core Asset Management Software

CoreIMS started as a traditional inventory management application and evolved in many different areas with our customers’ requirements. One of the areas where CoreIMS evolved is Asset Management (Property Book).

Fundamentally, Asset Management Software means the software that helps organization to keep track of various hardware and software assets such as furniture, desktop computers, servers, TVs, printers, machinery, vehicles, construction equipment, computer software and many others.

The common goal for Asset Management is organization’s need to know where their assets are any given moment, who is using it, history of usage, repairs/ maintenance/updates, warranty, etc.

Using Core Asset Management Software  employer could assign assets to their employees, track all the movements/transfers between employees, locations and offices, track services associated with each asset such as repairs, warranties and updates, all done in real time and transparent for all permitted users to see. All information in Core Asset Management can then be transferred to accounting software for reporting.

Core Asset Management Software can also be used to track perishable assets like pencils, pens, napkins, file folders, notepads, etc., that usually do not require tracking, but require reordering and min/max/reorder point information.