Inventory Solutions for Your Industry

Regardless of Industry, CoreIMS™ provides instant real-time inventory visibility and accountability across your organization. Inventory summary reports provide management with up to the minute status on raw materials, items in process and daily shipping volume, while detailed reports by Item or by Location provide warehouse personnel with the information needed to ship orders with accuracy and timeliness.


CoreIMS™  is tailored specifically for your Industry! It is fully web enabled, allowing customers to monitor their specific inventory, run their inventory specific reports and place orders to ship against. To implement this functionality, CoreIMS™ uses the concept of ‘Ownership’ for inventory transactions, automatically tracking inventory movements performed on behalf of your customers. An optional 3PL Billing Module adds to this functionality by automating the accumulation of storage and handling charges while allowing warehouse personnel to add manual charges as needed for special services.

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Distribution Company

CoreIMS™  helps eliminate stock-outs, prevent double-allocation and improve customer service levels. The use of CoreIMS™ will ensure that your customer service staff is able to track order status and access complete transaction history to provide customers with timely information on critical orders.

Are you a high-volume drop shipper? A fully automated parcel shipping integration module is optionally available that will allow faster order processing without requiring an increase in shipping staff.

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Packaging Company

CoreIMS™ allows you to provide customers with world-class service – making sure you are the first to know when inventory levels get low; giving you time to reorder and maintain customer delivery commitments. Innovative Warehouse/Location configuration options help you track WIP inventory and assist production staff in meeting customer deadlines consistently.

Government Agency

CoreIMS™ provides the levels of auditing and accountability needed to satisfy government contracts. Military, Federal, State and Local Government agencies are all using CoreIMS™ to maintain full visibility and control over purchasing and distribution of supplies and equipment. There is also a special CoreIMS™ edition for DoD that works with CAC cards – creating personnel records and providing all standard forms.

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Packaging Company

CoreIMS™ allows you to provide customers with world class service – making sure you are the first to know when inventory levels get low; giving you time to reorder and maintain customer delivery commitments. Innovative Warehouse/Location configuration options help you track WIP inventory and assist production staff in meeting customer deadlines consistently.

Freight Forwarder

Many traditional freight forwarders are being asked by their customers to hold goods for later consolidation and order fulfillment.  Depending on company size and number of customers, CoreIMS™ will satisfy these requirements.  We have customers with both low and high parcel volume, including large volume shippers using EDI.  CoreIMS™ is scalable to company size and transaction volume and flexible enough to match many different workflow patterns.


Goods importers can make use of multiple warehouse and inventory locating features in CoreIMS™ to track goods as part of the inbound shipping process.  CoreIMS™ allows for the recording and reporting of material status and location changes by authorized persons.  This information is available in real time to all users logged into CoreIMS™ with at least a minimal  “view” permission level.   Decisions concerning customer service and inventory investment can be made using this accurate real time information.

Precious Metal Depository

Using CoreIMS™ technology as a framework, CorePartners has developed a comprehensive solution for precious metal depositories.  This solution is based on principles of efficient management with additional requirements addressing critical operations in the depository. Users appreciate features that permit ownership tracking at multiple levels, detailed recording of ownership transfers, calculation of storage charges based on closing prices, and real-time online access (with appropriate security).  The use of this application ensures that depositories have real-time accountability of assets held and an industry standard audit trail of all transactions.

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Other industries coming soon!