CoreIMS Asset Management System

Can a traditional Inventory Management System be used for Asset Management? Yes it can. With few minor adjustments our CoreIMS™ Inventory Software can be utilized as an Asset Management System for companies of any size. By using CoreIMS™ Asset Tracking, a company can track any hard assets such as computers (including its parts, software, etc.), furniture, required maintenance and updates; as well as locations of all items, building addresses and, of course, employees’ to whom assets are issued to.

  • CoreIMS™ Asset Management allows separation of all assets by departments, create replenishment schedule for perishable items, and transfer items between employees, departments and locations.
  • CoreIMS™ Asset Management allows tracking of items shipped for warranty repairs and returns.
  • CoreIMS™ Asset Management tracks all assets for accountability and transparency without additional headaches and it will also produce necessary paperwork for all transactions.
  • CoreIMS™ Asset Management will seamlessly transfer all the information to the accounting software for review and corrections.

Bottom line, if your goals are to stop wasting time and losing money, and to track your assets/inventory then you need to invest in good reputable software. CoreIMS™ Asset Management will help you achieve these goals.