How to Select the Best Warehouse Software

Regardless of the size of your warehouse, selecting the best warehouse software for your warehouse is a huge decision. Factors such as the importance of real-time visibility, integration with existing accounting software, and transition time after purchasing your warehouse management software are all critical elements to be considered.  With over 15 year of experience in logistics, warehouse management and warehouse software development, the CEO of CorePartners, Peter Oykhman, offers a few tips to assist with this process

Helpful Hints for Purchasing The Best Warehouse Software For Your Organization

  1. Appoint a project manager. Person who will be responsible for the process of organizing your warehouse and choosing and implementing your warehouse system. This manager could be internal or external, but he/she has to have a good project management experience.
  2. Don’t assign responsibilities without also assigning rights to make decisions. It is pointless to give project managers responsibilities without also giving him/her rights to make certain decisions about the project. Of course bigger decisions still have to be made by shareholders or owners.
  3. Timeframe. Define a time frame for the project – from purchasing to implementing the new warehouse software in your warehouse.
  4. Define your criteria. If you want to choose the right warehouse software, you need to define criteria and selection process prior to beginning.
  5. Try before buying. Ask for a 30-day trial from the warehouse software vendor. Try the software. See if you like it. It is much harder with hardware vendor, but it is possible.
  6. Do not try to save money on warehouse software implementation or training. This is a very bad idea to buy software without full understanding of how to use it.

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