Sage Summit 2014 Las Vegas

CorePartners represented by Bob Reckers and I went to Las Vegas last week . We have been very interested in the Sage space in the last few years, and have quite a few good implementations with Sage 50 US product (former PeachTree). We also developed Sage 100 integration last year that is going through the final testing this week.

About the show. Great job as usual on Sage part; very organized and professional. Conference and the show was from Monday through Thursday. Program included Key notes from Sage management and speakers including Pimm Fox from Bloomberg, Carl Rove, Rich Karlgaard from Forbes and many others. Organizers claimed that about five thousand people came to the Summit. I did not count all of them personally, but we had a lot of traffic at our booth.
Consultants and end customers were asking us about our software and integration with Sage products. We discovered quite a few interesting things for ourselves. For example Sage 50 Canadian. We had a few requests about integration with Sage 50 Canadian (former Simply) this year, but I was assumed that it should be SOME inventory system on Canadian market. Apparently according to pretty much all consultants and potential customers if such system does exist then somebody is hiding it.

We also had a great communications and input from current Sage customers. Most of them love Sage products from accounting prospective and not so much from inventory management which is great for us (I think).

We collected about 50-55 leads, got really tired from standing, talking and walking. We plan to follow up on them this week and next week.

Btw, the summit was in Mandalay Bay Hotel and we stayed at Luxor which was about 15-20 minutes walk one way. I enjoyed it the first day, but not so much in the next couple days.

Here are few photos from the show. Enjoy!