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We Love Vault Management

We love vault management. Our Vault Management version of CoreIMS™ looks and feels completely different from our standard edition inventory management software, as is it specifically designed and built for this exact purpose. It keeps,  however, the same tested and proven inventory engine inside.

But first, what is Vault Management? Vault Management software is a branch of inventory warehouse management software serving a very specific Precious Metal market. Instead of counting “boring” screws, coffee machines, gift sets or telecommunication equipment in the warehouse, we are keeping track of gold, silver, platinum bars, coins and other forms of precious metals. Vaults are a very different animal than traditional warehouses. I actually have been in quite a few of them by now. The first time was very exciting! I visited one of our favorite customer’s vault in the center of Manhattan. Wow!! I had never seen so much gold and silver in my life and probably never will.

Back to the software… The Depository Management or Vault Management software developed by CorePartners helps our clients to keep track of their precious inventory (that is actually precious) and charge their clients, if required, for storage, receiving, shipping, and moving transactions. It has absolutely unique terminology, operations, security, etc. defined by Precious Metal industry standards and traditions. CorePartners’ 10+ years of experience in this field ensure our clients successful implementations across the globe.

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