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Case Study: International Olive Importer & Distributor Gets Real-time Visibility Across All Warehouses

The Challenge An olive importer ships product from Europe and distributes it in America from several regional warehouses. The business was growing rapidly and the company was looking for a way to have visibility in real time across all of the regional warehouses. Management was looking for a way to generate useful reports to improve operational efficiency. The Solution Install CoreIMS to manage the business across all facilities and develop custom reports using Crystal Report Writer. The Results The company now benefits from the availability of real-time inventory visibility. They can track lot numbers, record damaged goods, assign goods for shipment and generate on-demand reports.

Case Study: Contract Warehousing Company Manages Inventory Levels, Expiration Dates and Shipments for Major Beverage Manufacturer

The Challenge A contract warehousing company stores and ships beverages for a major manufacturer. Inventories are maintained manually on spreadsheets. Physical inventory counts are conducted several times a week to maintain accuracy. There is no reliable method to do lot tracking or manage product expiration dates. Receipts, movements and shipments are all done manually. The manufacturer is planning to implement a new ERP system in 12-18 months time which will be made available to the warehousing company. Our contract warehouse can’t wait that long and needs a solution now. The Solution CoreIMS is implemented along with RF bar code scanning….

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Case Study: Real Time Inventory Visibility Across Sites Nationwide

The Challenge A bottled water company fills thousands of bottles in several different sizes on a daily basis. In addition, they supply to customers who have “house brands” which require different packaging, bottles and labels. Production and storage takes place across multiple sites. Production reporting and inventory operations were being done manually using spreadsheets, which resulted in many errors, stock outs and frequent physical inventory counts. The Solution CoreIMS™ now delivers real time inventory visibility across all sites. Raw materials supplies and finished goods are moved quickly and easily between facilities. Inventory levels can be closely monitored by site, and stock…

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Case Study: Government Contractor Shipping Inventory Worldwide

The Challenge A government contractor assembles computer networks and delivers them to end users around the world. All serialized equipment must be tracked while in the warehouse and after it has been shipped to the end user. In addition, the contractor must maintain a complete spare parts inventory to ship replacements on short notice. The contracts suffered from inaccurate inventory information which caused them to maintain very high levels of spare parts inventory. The Solution Having implemented CoreIMS™ inventory tracking system the contracts can now easily trace any piece of equipment by serial number from the time it is received until…

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