Case Study: Government Contractor Shipping Inventory Worldwide

The Challenge

A government contractor assembles computer networks and delivers them to end users around the world. All serialized equipment must be tracked while in the warehouse and after it has been shipped to the end user. In addition, the contractor must maintain a complete spare parts inventory to ship replacements on short notice. The contracts suffered from inaccurate inventory information which caused them to maintain very high levels of spare parts inventory.

The Solution

Having implemented CoreIMS™ inventory tracking system the contracts can now easily trace any piece of equipment by serial number from the time it is received until it is finally recalled and retired from service. Inventory levels of peripheral items are now accurately monitored, and overstocks reduced.

The Result

Hours are saved in determining what equipment was shipped to a particular location. Locating equipment under manufacturer recall notices now takes minutes, not hours. Replacement hardware can be quickly configured and shipped without the end-user having to look for model or serial numbers on their equipment. Repair history reports can be generated to remove low-reliability equipment from service.