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Barcode Inventory System

The idea of barcode has been around since early 1960 and started with railroad carts. David Collins, while working at GTE, created a system called KarTrak that uses colored reflective stripes as a Barcode Inventory System. Later, around 1967, David Collins quit GTE and formed Computer Identics Corporation. This is when the real life of barcodes started. They used helium-neon lasers to scan black and white barcodes. They installed the first version of the Barcode Inventory System at GM a couple years later. What a wonderful history. The important part is that barcodes have been around for the last 50…

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CoreIMS™ Enterprise Edition Inventory Management System Implemented for Bed, Bath & Beyond Trade Partner

MSG Marketing, an Illinois based designer, manufacturer and distributor of curtain rods and accessories for Bed, Bath & Beyond has expanded operations with the help of CorePartners, Inc. of Frederick, Maryland. This effort involves customized CoreIMS™ Enterprise Inventory Management application along with barcode scanning and printing hardware to meet changing needs in a fast paced environment. MSG was looking for an inventory management solution to manage a high volume flow of goods to meet specific shipping demands and compliance with BBB’s EDI program.  Making use of CorePartners 50 plus years of combined operational experience in the industry (warehousing, materials management,…

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