CoreIMS™ Software Framework

CoreIMS™ is built as a modular software solution with the bulk of development produced under the Microsoft Windows® .NET application framework. Standard CoreIMS™ and many of the related CoreIMS™ modules are client/server applications developed as such under the .NET framework. Other CoreIMS™ applications such CoreIMS™ Front End and CoreIMS™ Enterprise Edition are web-based applications and are built as active server pages under the .NET framework (ASP.NET).

A key in the successful implementation of an inventory management system such as CoreIMS™ is the efficient storage and retrieval of application data.  For this important component, CoreIMS™ make use of the relational database technology available in Microsoft® SQL Server®.  The CoreIMS™ database specification was developed in compliance with SQL Server standards and the CoreIMS™ application set uses a locally installed SQL server instance to create, store, retrieve and present data relevant to each unique CoreIMS™ operational environment.

Barcode scanning and barcode label printing functions are often critical elements of an efficient and accurate operational environment in the warehouse. As such CoreIMS™ partners with the Seagull Scientific BarTender product in supporting the development and printing of barcode labels.  A near infinite variety of labels may be developed using BarTender and these labels may be printed directly from CoreIMS™ as needed. In fact a standard set of BarTender labels (for items, stock, pallets, etc.) are delivered with each CoreIMS™ installation so they may be further edited to customer specification.  These labels are based on standard symbology and are reliably scanned by all standard scanning devices.

CoreIMS™ uses Crystal Reports Business Objects™ technology for the display of standard and customized reports.