CoreIMS™ Partners

CoreIMS™ is proud of the partnerships we’ve built around the globe to develop and provide the very best warehouse software, inventory barcoding software & inventory management software available.

Interested in becoming a partner? Please fill out the Partner Registration form and fax to Jack Simonds at 301-695-1506.


 Warehouse Management Software PartnersB2BGateway is a dedicated EDI Service Provider, offering cost-efficient and easy to use EDI solutions since the 1990s. B2BGateway supports all US and International EDI Mapping formats (ANSI X-12, EDIFact, XML, etc.) and also supports virtually all accepted EDI transport protocols, such as VAN, AS2, SMTP (E-mail), FTP, HTTP, Secure Socket, etc. B2BGateway is known for its cost-efficient simple, easy to use EDI solutions, as well as it’s unparalleled customer support.


Warehouse Management Software PartnersTCG is a trusted Automatic Data Collection (ADC) solution provider with over 30 years experience solving the problems of Government and Commercial users. TCG applications provide fast ROI with accurate and efficient data collection via barcode, mobile and RFID technologies from 9 different manufacturers.

  Dimensions Funding-Warehouse Management Software Partner When the time comes to procure additional inventory, expand your business or supplement cash flow, a working capital loan from Dimension Funding provides the vital cash injection you need to succeed.

   HighJump-Warehouse Management Software PartnersThe HighJump warehouse management system manages some of the most highly-regulated and complex distribution environments in the world.  HighJump warehouse management software gives companies across industries a foundation of best practices for receiving, put-away/flow-through, inventory management, order processing, replenishment, pick/pack, loading and shipping, as well as the ability to build their own company-specific businesses processes using our  adaptability tools .

Net Stock-Warehouse Management Software Partners Our inventory health check is a one-off analysis designed to highlight the overall performance of your inventory and identify where the biggest improvements can be made. It’s the ideal way to get started with NETSTOCK.


Nucleo-Warehouse Management Software PartnerNúcleo Brasil Software Solutions (NBSS) is Core Partners first partner in the Latin American region. The company has chosen Brazil to set its headquarters in that part of the world bringing Core IMS to the forefront of the region’s industry and commerce.

Core Partners lands first in the largest market economy in South America through Núcleo Brasil’s enterprise with solutions to the market of small, medium and large companies searching for the latest on inventory and warehouse management systems. Core IMS has been translated entirely to Portuguese to accommodate the market’s needs.

Although serving the entire country, the company is based out of Campinas, in the heart of São Paulo’s state. Campinas is part of the largest Expanded Metropolitan Complex in the country with nearly 29 million people in the region. Campinas’s Growth Domestic Product (GDP) is of approximately US$ 13.5 billion. More than 10,000 multinational companies have settled here among them are Honda, Toyota, Bosch, Pirelli, IBM, Goodyear, Samsung to name a few.

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