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By Peter Oykhman
President, CorePartners, Inc.

The most common question we see from our customers is “when I will buy your software will it make my warehouse more efficient?” Unfortunately there is no simple answer for that. The answer mostly depends on the business processes in your organization and your organizations willingness to change these processes. Essentially there are two most common approaches when buying Inventory Tracking Software:

  1. I will keep all my processes “as is” and I want software to fit to what I am doing right now (regardless if it is right or wrong).
  2. I will buy inventory software and I will try to streamline my processes at the same time.

There is nothing wrong with either one as long as you realize what are you doing and why. Regardless of the path you will choose it is recommend analyzing what you do, how you do that and why before making any purchasing decisions.

Peter Oykhman has worked with logistics for over 15 years both in the USA and abroad. He brings his years of wisdom together in this book to help you answer these critical questions. To download your free copy of Organizing Your Warehouse, please fill out the information below. Thank you and enjoy!

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