One Year Anniversary of the Beginning of CorePartners Value Added Reseller Program

January 3, 2005 marks the one year anniversary of the beginning of CorePartners Value Added Reseller Program. This has been a successful year for CorePartners with over 25 VARs in the US and Canada now part of the CorePartners team. CorePartners early on recognized the high cost to the VARs to do an effective, professional demonstration of applications such as CoreIMS and created a service unique in the market, the on-line customer specific demonstration of CoreIMS aimed at presenting a Business Solution rather than a litany of software features. CorePartners brought in a professional Sales Engineer, Bob Reckers, CFPIM. Bob has been doing application demonstrations for the past 13 years; prior to that, he held roles in manufacturing and distribution as a Materials Manager and Cost Accounting Manager. Bob is APICS Fellow Certified and holds a Masters Degree from Xavier University. The demonstration Bob does takes about 90 minutes and is done on-line through our web service – GoToMeeting. GoToMeeting allows the demonstration to be interactive. The prospect can see CoreIMS in action, ask questions about how it works or ask more in-depth questions about specific functionality. Before the demonstration begins, the VAR, Bob and the prospect engage in a discussion that highlights the 2 or 3 key business issues that are driving the selection of a new inventory management system and how solutions to those issues will help them run their business better. The second part of the VAR program, unique to CorePartners, is the creation of a follow-on program to the demonstration that includes a proposal letter and proposal that is customized to point out to the prospect how the key questions discussed during the demonstration have been addressed by CoreIMS and how CoreIMS will provide the return he or she expects from their investment.

The program was started to help new VARs get started with CoreIMS and has become the centerpiece of the CorePartners VAR Program. This service has allowed the VAR community to be up and running with CoreIMS from the first lead. It has allowed CoreIMS to have a consistent and professional presentation to the prospects. Most importantly, it has created a professional interface to the prospect that increases the success of the CorePartners VAR’s.

CorePartners is a high technology computer engineering company whose background is in custom software development, IT consulting and Internet/Intranet applications specializing in Logistics. Since 2001, when CorePartners delivered its first Warehouse system, CoreWMS, CorePartners has become a key player in the warehouse and inventory management system marketplace. In 2002 CorePartners was one of the first development companies to foresee the mandate for Microsoft .NET applications. As a result, its new CoreIMS Warehouse and Inventory Management System is one of the first robust business applications ready to show the strength of this Microsoft technology.

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