Case Study: Multinational Company’s Warehousing and Distribution of Specialty Chemicals

The Challenge

A multinational company provides warehousing and distribution services to manufacturers of specialty chemicals from three warehouses located in three different cities. This warehousing and distribution service is a new business offering for the corporation. They quickly discovered that operations were complicated by that product is priced by weight but sold by volume. The company needed to find a way to support those operations for their clients.

The Solution

Install CoreIMS with a single database supporting all three warehouses and utilize the product’s ability to define several Unit of Measure classes to support conversion from weight to volume.

The Results

CoreIMS was implemented within two weeks of contract signature. The company deployed the software within 24 hours of completing a web-based training course. They now manage all three warehouses from a central location, are able to do lot tracking of the chemical stock remotely and will shortly be expanding the number of system users into other departments within the company.