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CoreIMS™ Provides Inventory Management Software to Fit Your Needs

CoreIMS™ offers a broad variety of highly customizable inventory management solutions. From small business inventory systems all the way to Government warehouse management, CoreIMS™ has developed customized solutions to meet the special challenges of many different environments.

CoreIMS™ Inventory Management Systems:

  • Standard—Site, location, and status information provide the level of detail required to manage your warehouse efficiently and effectively. CoreIMS™ Standard Edition supports barcode label printing and scanning to ensure accurate and efficient transaction processing.
  • Enterprise—Encompasses the complete functionality of CoreIMS™ Standard Edition, but includes additional features such as item ownership, and batch order processing along with warehouse charge accumulation and reporting for 3rd part logistics operators. Enterprise is a web based solution, allowing operations to be accomplished through the use of a browser.
  • Government—Government, rather than commercial terminology is used across the various functional sections of the CoreIMS™ Government Edition. DoD Forms are included to support issuing operations.
  • 3rd Party Logistics—Our CoreIMS™ 3PL Suite enables the 3PL service provider to manage their operations in real time, utilizing simple, powerful tools that will improve accuracy and profitability.
  • Precious Metal Depositories –CorePartners has expanded the CoreIMS™ Framework to be capable of processing physical transactions involving precious metals and is easily customizable and extendable to client needs.
  • Professional Services—Our professional services helps CoreIMS™ customers accelerate the value they receive from their investments in CoreIMS™ Inventory Solutions.


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