Inventory Software Company, CoreIMS, Adds Carber to Customer List

Industry-top inventory management software company, CoreIMS, is proud to announce its newest customer, Carber, the world leader in hydrostatic testing and isolation technologies. CoreIMS will provide Carber cutting-edge and comprehensive software geared toward managing large warehouses and inventories.

With CoreIMS inventory management software, Carber will have access a host of solutions and support. Carber will now be able to manage its stock visually in real-time based on order processing across multiple warehouses; the company will also be able to view site, location and status information on orders, which will offer a level of detail that is necessary to efficiently and effectively run a warehouse; and supported barcode label printing and scanning round out Carber’s new inventory management software package.

To learn more about CoreIMS services and products, go online at or call (301) 695-2673.


CARBER was founded in 1995 in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada, to provide technical support and maintenance services to the petrochemical industry through a patented hydrostatic weld testing process and hydrostatic/hydrodynamic isolation capability. The Company has grown to become the leader in these services and has expanded to provide a broad range of technical services to its customers, including cold cutting and beveling, field machining, plain end testing, hot taps, line stops and controlled bolting. The Company has an active research and development program and continues to develop new tools and improved processes to better serve its customer base. CARBER has 18 locations in key markets in North America and elsewhere around the world that service the leading petrochemical operators, fabrication yards and pipeline contractors. For more information on CARBER, please visit

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