CorePartners Professional Services

Warehouse & Inventory Management Software

CoreIMS™ is unmatched in its ability to address a far ranging set of inventory management needs as delivered off the shelf. However, many customers prefer a more specific solution based on the existing functionality of CoreIMS™. For these customers, CorePartners, Inc. is pleased to be of service in estimating, developing, implementing and training on the desired customized solution.

Software Requirements Specifications (SRS) business analysis and consulting

SRS, Consultation and business analysis to gather customer requirements. Project kickoff and analysis, resulting in production of formal sign off document with project and modification details.

Project Management

Internal and External management of resources and allocation of effort against requirements. Primary customer contact and facilitation of project.

Product Customization

  • Project Management for Customization.
  • Software Development Programming to the approved SRS (or design).
  • Creation of supplemental product documentation. Programming document creation requires customer review and sign off.
  • Testing of the final customized product.

Initial Design Documentation

Software Services Initial Design Documentation.

Go-Live Assistance

Onsite and/or remote assistance (supplemental training, data mapping to support data import, etc.) provided to a customer as they go-live with CoreIMS™ application.

Business Consulting

General consulting concerning the operation of CoreIMS™ in the business, integration with other systems, definition of business practices, and development of proposed workflow.

User Acceptance Testing Execution Assistance

Test Plan Execution Assistance – Includes Modification Overview, Initial user training for testing systems parameters, preparation of the test plan to SRS and/or User Guide, and customer acceptance. Engineering & customer monitoring, reporting and release note compilation of testing results. Comparative analysis of scope of work to customer expectations and corrective resolution of project. This process is critical to the testing phase and helps to ensure successful Go-live for the entire system. Customer acceptance and sign off required.

CoreIMS™ Software Training

User and/or Technical Training delivered either on-site or remotely.

CoreIMS™ Software Installation

Installation of CoreIMS™ software on-site or remote which includes the physical installation of software including third party software, purchased through CorePartners, on client server and any workstations that will be used. As well as testing and configuration for scanners and additional hardware purchased through CorePartners, to ensure that CoreIMS™ software is working with said hardware and third party software.

CoreIMS™ Software Configuration

Typically performed after training and proposed workflow definition. Assistance in making CoreIMS™ settings to allow the desired operation of CoreIMS™.

Hardware Configuration

Configuration Services to configure CoreIMS™ and other systems (Accounting, ERP, Shopping Carts, Shipping, etc.) for integrated operation.

Database Services

Software Services – Database Services (import, export, conversion, migration, and data cleaning).

Network Installation and Configuration

Prepare the Network for CoreIMS™ Installation and verify SQL installation, etc.