Core Vehicle Maintenance Software

Core Vehicle Maintenance (CoreVM) is built on CoreIMS Inventory Management framework. Along with standard CoreIMS Inventory functionality, CoreVM encompasses all necessary functionality for tracking vehicle maintenance. Some of CoreVM functionality:

  • Schedules and tracks all vehicle maintenance, repairs, warranty, mileage, usage of special equipment
  • Notifies of upcoming maintenance events, etc.
  • Stores information about vehicle at the very detailed level with tracking history on each vehicle part including custom attributes.
  • Converts Repair Requests into Work Orders to simplify data entry and provide transparency.
  • Tracks incoming inventory by creating Receiving Orders (Purchase Orders) and receiving shipments against these orders.
  • Tracks all the inventory operations and movements of stock inside single warehouse or among warehouses (physical or virtual).
  • Creates Shipping Orders (SO) and performs picking/packing/shipping against them.
  • Shipping and receiving orders could be also Imports shipping and/or receiving orders to/from external systems if required by customer.

All CoreIMS editions use an identical database schema, so any combination of products may be installed in customer locations in order to utilize functions specific to the locations while centralizing business intelligence and reporting functions at an administrative location. Completely configurable access control provides functionality for vendor managed inventory for the vehicle manufacturers. This means that vendors may check remotely on inventory and vehicle status in order to advise on missing or low spare parts. This also allows the vendor to check warranty status and notify customers of recalls.

  • Tracks spare parts inventory stored in CoreIMS
    • Site
    • Location
    • Items
    • Min/Max/Reorder Quantity
    • Item attributes
  • Inventory Transactions per Site
    • Order parts
    • Receive parts
    • Store parts
    • Move parts to service area
    • Put items on hold
  • Work Orders for various Vehicle Maintenance Services
    • Creates Vehicle Maintenance Schedule based on vendor requirements
    • Assigns required parts for every maintenance
    • Tracks all labor for each maintenance
  • Warranty support for parts
    • Track warranty for every part
    • Move defective parts back to the inventory
    • Ship defective part back to the vendor if required
  • Generates Report for upcoming maintenance(s)
  • Schedules vehicle inspections and compare inspection results
  • Assign and track maintenance time for every Work Order
  • Tracks Work Orders
    • Work Orders – Completed on Time
    • Work Orders – Past Due
    • Work Orders by Week/Month
  • Tracks history of all vehicle repairs and maintenances


Vehicle Maintenance Software-New Ticket Set up Screen

New Ticket set up screen

Vehicle Maintenance Software-Form DA5988 2 part

Form DA5988 2 part

Vehicle Maintenance Software-Form DA5988 1st Screenshot

Form DA5988 1st Screenshot

Vehicle Maintenance Software-form DA314

Form DA314

Vehicle Maintenance Software-Add Service Part

Add Service Part

Vehicle Maintenance Software-Add fault to maintenance screen

Add Maintenance Fault