CoreIMS® User’s Group Has Been Created

CorePartners has started a User’s Group on the web site under the Support section. CorePartners, Inc. is now providing an additional level of Support for CoreIMS® on the web site.

CoreIMS® users can now ask questions and receive answers using the CoreIMS® bulletin board. Another reason behind creating this bulletin board for CorePartners, Inc. is to provide CoreIMS® customers with a tool for easy information exchange. CorePartners, Inc. utilizes phpBB bulletin board software.

About phpBB

phpBB utility is a powerful, fully customizable bulletin board package that allows you to create an online community. phpBB bulletin board is a high-powered, fully scalable Open Source bulletin board package. phpBB has a user-friendly interface, simple and straightforward administration panel, and helpful FAQ. For more information, visit:

About CorePartners

CorePartners is a high-technology computer engineering company specializing in Inventory and Warehouse Management Systems. CorePartners has successfully delivered projects for clients in the USA and Europe. Our customers include Nortel Networks (UK), Sabre Systems, Gensym, British Petroleum and others. For more information about CorePartners visit: