CoreIMS Offers Enterprise Edition Inventory Management Software

To better address the issue of inventory management across multiple locations and warehouses, CoreIMS, developed by CorePartners, Inc., has developed its Enterprise Edition (EE) version of its inventory management software.

The software will allow users who are managing inventories across multiple warehouses to track inventory by site, location, and status information efficiently and effectively.

Many useful features are included with the software, as well. User permissions can be defined and customized to define specific levels of access for individuals. Also included is the option to create barcode labels for printing and scanning for accurate transaction processing. Customizable reports can be produced that detail shipping and receiving documents, inventory detail reports, and operational/management information based on real time inventory data, as well.

In addition to all of the EE comes with, the software is backed by a network of knowledgeable customer service representatives who are trained to assist with all and any questions EE users might have.

For more information about EE, or any of CoreIMS’ other inventory management solutions software, go online at

About CorePartners™

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