Sage 50 US Inventory System Integration

Sage 50 Inventory IntegrationCoreIMS™ provides an often much needed inventory management extension to the basic Sage 50 inventory functionality. Sage 50 is an impressive accounting software package, but does not focus on features a business may need to work with their physical inventory. These features include support for multiple warehouses, locations, barcode scanning and printing, FIFO/FEFO part tracking, expiration dates and kitting. CoreIMS™ has all of these features and many more designed to effectively address inventory operations for even the most experienced warehouse customers.

CoreIMS™ provides for seamless integration with Sage products. Setting up this integration with Sage 50 is fast and simple. CoreIMS™ may be set to export and import data on customers, vendors, orders and quantities to/from Sage 50 as needed to maintain accounting and inventory records in real time. This saves countless hours of work and ensures that your records are accurate and up to date.

CoreIMS™ is one of the first products to attain Partner Status in both Sage 50 and Sage 100. As a Sage Partner, CoreIMS™ has access to all information necessary to maintain feature compatibility as new versions of Sage 50 and Sage 100 are released.

The basic concept is that the company initiates orders (purchase, sales) in the accounting system – i.e. Sage 50. However since the company needs more inventory detail than is available in Sage 50, all inventory transactions are managed in CoreIMS™ using either a PC user interface or a handheld scanner.

More specifically, purchase orders and sales orders entered in Sage 50 are automatically imported to CoreIMS™. Subsequently, results from receiving, shipping, and inventory adjustment operations in CoreIMS™ are exported to Sage 50 to synchronize the appropriate payable, receivable, and inventory accounts.

CoreIMS™ Sage 50 Inventory Integration: