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Inventory Software Company, CoreIMS, Adds Carber to Customer List

Industry-top inventory management software company, CoreIMS, is proud to announce its newest customer, Carber, the world leader in hydrostatic testing and isolation technologies. CoreIMS will provide Carber cutting-edge and comprehensive software geared toward managing large warehouses and inventories. With CoreIMS inventory management software, Carber will have access a host of solutions and support. Carber will now be able to manage its stock visually in real-time based on order processing across multiple warehouses; the company will also be able to view site, location and status information on orders, which will offer a level of detail that is necessary to efficiently and…

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Inventory Management Needs to Increase as Warehousing Market Continues to Grow in 2013

The demand for U.S. warehouse space moved from the recovery phase to the expansion phase in the 4th quarter of 2012–a trend that is projected to continue through 2014, according to CoStar Group. According to CoStar’s 2012 Year-End Industrial Review and Outlook, there was a positive net absorption of warehouse space across the U.S. late in the year, lowering the vacancy rate to 8.9 per cent among the 210 markets tracked by CoStar, a decline of 30 basis points. CoStar markets logged 103.8 million square feet of net absorption in 2012, with positive space absorbed in 151 markets accounting for…

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CoreIMS Offers Enterprise Edition Inventory Management Software

To better address the issue of inventory management across multiple locations and warehouses, CoreIMS, developed by CorePartners, Inc., has developed its Enterprise Edition (EE) version of its inventory management software. The software will allow users who are managing inventories across multiple warehouses to track inventory by site, location, and status information efficiently and effectively. Many useful features are included with the software, as well. User permissions can be defined and customized to define specific levels of access for individuals. Also included is the option to create barcode labels for printing and scanning for accurate transaction processing. Customizable reports can be produced…

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NJ Residents Call for Stricter Building Codes in Wake of Superstorm

The Jersey Shore, where hundreds of homes were swept away or damaged in Superstorm Sandy, should be rebuilt, but with new, stricter building codes to protect against future storms, a poll of New Jersey voters said on Tuesday. If given the choice, voters said the state government in Trenton, rather than local governments, should pay for the recovery, including rebuilding beach front boardwalks, according to the poll by the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute. “Rebuilding will take a few years, most New Jersey residents agree,” said Quinnipiac’s Maurice Carroll. “Voters throughout the state think Trenton should help pay to restore the…

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CorePartners Joins Forces with B2BGateway to Broaden Impressive Line of IT Offerings

From custom software development to Inventory Management Systems (IMS), CorePartners has produced sophisticated solutions for many major entities worldwide. Now with the help of B2BGateway, CorePartners will be adding an EDI solution to their already impressive portfolio. Founded in 1998, with more than 50 years of combined operational experience in warehousing, materials management, inventory control and overall supply chain management, CorePartner’s reputation has made them a common name in the logistics industry. Their clients include Fortune 500 companies, federal government and military agencies, not-for-profits and local and state agencies such as General Dynamics, Intel, USDA Forest Service and Harris Corporation….

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New Features in CoreIMS QuickBooks Interface

CoreIMSQB 3.5 Release Notes   NEW: Export Credit Memo Export Credit Memo shall be used for processing returns from Customer. It queries CoreIMS Receiving Orders and Receiving History for orders with “RMA type”. “Receive From” drop down should be referenced to Quick Books Customer code. How to use this feature: Add type for returns in CoreIMS->Setup->Order Type (e.g. RMA or Returns) Select this type as “RMA Type” on CoreIMSQB -> Setting screen If Customer is returning item, open CoreIMS->Companies and mark this Customer as “Vendor”. It will add Customer Code to “Receive From” selection on Receiving Order screen Create new Receiving…

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CoreIMS® User’s Group Has Been Created

CorePartners has started a User’s Group on the web site under the Support section. CorePartners, Inc. is now providing an additional level of Support for CoreIMS® on the web site. CoreIMS® users can now ask questions and receive answers using the CoreIMS® bulletin board. Another reason behind creating this bulletin board for CorePartners, Inc. is to provide CoreIMS® customers with a tool for easy information exchange. CorePartners, Inc. utilizes phpBB bulletin board software. About phpBB phpBB utility is a powerful, fully customizable bulletin board package that allows you to create an online community. phpBB bulletin board is a high-powered,…

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CoreIMS Integrated with UPS Worldship

CorePartners integrates UPS Worldship® with its CoreIMS V.3.4. inventory and warehouse management software. CoreIMS® is now capable of launching the UPS Worldship® system directly from CoreIMS®. CorePartners today announced the general release of its CoreIMS/UPS integration module. This integration allows users of CoreIMS’s powerful inventory and warehouse management system to seamlessly ship goods from the warehouse utilizing UPS Worldship®. CoreIMS® customers can now further improve the efficiency of their warehouse operations. About UPS WorldShip® UPS WorldShip® is a full featured, Windows-based, shipping software application for customers with high volume shipping needs. UPS WordShip® allows customers to accelerate, streamline and enhance…

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CorePartners Introduced an Allocation and Unlimited Number of Custom Fields in CoreIMS

CorePartners Incorporated, a supply chain software company, successfully completed working on CoreIMS 3.4 product family. It has many advantages comparing to previous version, such as unlimited number of custom fields, 2-Step Shipping from RF, ship an entire Pallet or Container with a single click. Moreover, now you can allocate stock against a sales order rendering it unavailable for shipment against any other sales order. After the allocation user can print/re-print pick list; allocated stocks are shown on RF terminals for picking. CoreIMS 3.4 has additional Comments fields for Shipping and Receiving Order headers capable of storing any text volume. Ability…

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CoreIMS 3.4 Has Been Released

CoreIMS 3.4 has been released! In the new version, additional features have been added: · Stock allocation for shipping orders. Allocated stock is locked for other stock transactions. · Picking stocks for shipping orders with RF terminals. · Unlimited number of custom fields for Items. For detailed information about CoreIMS 3.4 please Contact CorePartners, Inc.