Turnkey Solutions

CoreIMS™ is designed with the flexibility required to meet the vast majority of inventory management needs. Standard operations include user friendly search features to quickly locate inventory and orders and efficiently process related operations. A single CoreIMS™ installation supports multiple warehouses with storage perspectives available by location, pallet, container, or any combination thereof. Shipping, receiving and transfer operations are supported for full order and partial order processing. Associated documents such as pick lists, putaway tickets, bills of lading, and packing lists are readily available for printing or export in a variety of formats. Additional reporting capability is provided in the form of inventory and order status detail reports, as well as management reports related to replenishment and stocking. Barcode scanning and printing is fully supported and ranges from local workstation scanning to full wireless network capability with mobile computers.  CoreIMS™ allows you to maintain and manage vendor and customer contact information, including multiple ship-to addresses. Integration with industry standard software (accounting, shipping, EDI) and hardware (label printers, scanners) allows customers to pick and choose system components that best meet their needs.