NJ Residents Call for Stricter Building Codes in Wake of Superstorm

The Jersey Shore, where hundreds of homes were swept away or damaged in Superstorm Sandy, should be rebuilt, but with new, stricter building codes to protect against future storms, a poll of New Jersey voters said on Tuesday.

If given the choice, voters said the state government in Trenton, rather than local governments, should pay for the recovery, including rebuilding beach front boardwalks, according to the poll by the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.

“Rebuilding will take a few years, most New Jersey residents agree,” said Quinnipiac’s Maurice Carroll. “Voters throughout the state think Trenton should help pay to restore the boardwalks and they’d like Trenton, not local communities, to pick up the overall bill.”

Seven in 10 New Jersey voters favored rebuilding the Jersey Shore under stricter building codes, including three-quarters of shore residents. Only 18 percent said owners should be allowed to build with no changes to building codes and 9 percent said there should be no rebuilding.

New Jersey has put a preliminary $29.4 billion price tag on recovery from the October 29 storm that raked the Northeast. Recover in New York was estimated to cost $32.8 billion.

The brunt of the rebuilding effort will be handled by independent contractors, who will, in turn, utilize resources and building materials from a range of supply warehouses.

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