New Features in CoreIMS QuickBooks Interface

CoreIMSQB 3.5 Release Notes


NEW: Export Credit Memo

Export Credit Memo shall be used for processing returns from Customer. It queries CoreIMS Receiving Orders and Receiving History for orders with “RMA type”. “Receive From” drop down should be referenced to Quick Books Customer code.

How to use this feature:

  • Add type for returns in CoreIMS->Setup->Order Type (e.g. RMA or Returns)
  • Select this type as “RMA Type” on CoreIMSQB -> Setting screen
  • If Customer is returning item, open CoreIMS->Companies and mark this Customer as “Vendor”. It will add Customer Code to “Receive From” selection on Receiving Order screen
  • Create new Receiving order and specify your “RMA Type” as Order type. Receive items on your Inventory
  • Export Credit Memo in CoreIMSQB->Export->Credit Memo

NEW: Export Build Assembly (available only with Quick Books 2006)

Export of Build Assembly shall be used when Inventory Assemblies are setup in Quick Books and then processed in CoreIMS as “Build Kits”.

How to use this feature:

  • Perform Build Kit operation(s) in CoreIMS
  • Export results as Build Assembly in CoreIMSQB->Build Assembly
  • Assembly specification should be as close as possible to the Kit specification for the best results, because QuickBooks doesn’t allow to report exact list of components used for each build

IMPROVED: Export Inventory Adjustments

CoreIMSQB for Export of Inventory Adjustment extended with ability to setup Adjustment Account for positive and negative adjustments. In older versions Inventory Asset account was used as Adjustment account and it was necessary to change account in QuickBooks after each inventory adjustment. Improved interface will allow posting adjustment on the correct account and splitting positive and negative adjustments. Sample: kitting operations in CoreIMS should use COGS account to post negative adjustment for all components and Inventory account to post positive adjustments for Kits.

How to use this feature:

  • Setup default accounts on CoreIMSQB->Settings screen
  • If necessary change adjustment account on CoreIMSQB->Export Inventory Adjustment screen for particular export

IMPROVED: Export Invoices

CoreIMSQB will add Ship Via if it is not found in QuickBooks Ship Via list. Older versions error if Ship Via is not found in QuickBooks.

EXTENDED: Settings and Automatic Import/Export

Settings screen was modified to include setup of “RMA Type”, Accounts for Positive and Negative inventory adjustments and automatic export of Credit Memo and export Build Assemblies (only with QuickBooks 2006).