Enterprise Edition Inventory Software

Enterprise Edition Inventory Software

CoreIMS™ Enterprise Edition

CoreIMS™ EE was designed to address a comprehensive set of warehouse/ inventory management needs from inventory initialization through order processing across multiple warehouses.  Site, location, and status information tracked by CoreIMS™ EE allow provide the level of detail required to manage the warehouse efficiently and effectively.  User permissions (including item ownership) define access levels.  Barcode label printing and scanning allow transactions to be processed accurately and efficiently. Customizable reports deliver shipping and receiving documents, inventory detail reports, and operational/management information based on real time inventory data.   In short, CoreIMS™ EE is an easy-to-use, full-featured, flexible web-based Inventory Management System adaptable to a wide range of applications in business and industry. As a web-based solution, CoreIMS™ EE is the application of choice for companies with distributed operations where inventory tasks are accomplished via a browser accessing the internet/ intranet.   3rd party logistics operators take note that CoreIMS™ EE may be delivered with a Billing Module that accumulates charges to contracts defined via selectable charge methodologies (per item, per order, per storage unit, etc.). Corresponding reports detail charges for defined time frames and also warehouse revenue by owner.

CoreIMS™ EE, a solution developed under the Microsoft Windows® .NET application framework, utilizes Microsoft® SQL Server® and standard internet connectivity; the user interface is accessible via a standard browser and is comprised of Active Server Pages. Windows® based.  By using standard Microsoft® ASP.NET components for web development, customers are assured access to skilled IT resources.  Integration with QuickBooks** and UPS WorldShip, along with EDI integration and customization options, further extends the potential use of CoreIMS™ EE.  CoreIMS™ EE customer references will attest to its value to their business and to the integrity of CorePartners.

**QB integration does not support Advance Inventory Module.


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Enterprise Inventory Software Benefits

  • Feature rich inventory management software
  • Standard Microsoft® technology
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Customizable to your unique specifications
  • Barcode scanning improve accuracy and efficiency
  • “Ownership” allows multiple companies’ inventory to be held in 1 warehouse
  • A 3PL Services Invoice details Storage and Handling Charges
  • Reports supply real time management information
  • Flexible enough to serve multiple industries
  • Supported by knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives

Enterprise Inventory Software Features


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  • Multiple warehouses
  • User-defined UOM
  • Simple access control
  • Personal user profile
  • Complete transaction history
  • Ownership for 3PL operations

  • Item availability
  • Receiving order status
  • Shipping order status
  • Back order status
  • Serial number history
  • Date and user stamped
  • 3PL Invoice

  • Against PO/unexpected receipt
  • Partial receipts and unreceive
  • Receipt documents
  • Pallet/container labeling
  • Primary location
  • Return tracking

  • Partial shipment
  • Forward pick locations
  • Order batching
  • Unship
  • Pending shipment
  • BOL and packing list
  • Back orders

  • Item groups and classes
  • Weight and available-to-promise
  • SKU and UPC support
  • Bill of material and kitting
  • Warranty
  • Custom defined fields
  • Item images

  • Cycle count
  • Physical inventory
  • Adjustments
  • Movements
  • Custom hold types
  • Stock custom fields

  • Lot and Expiration date
  • Serial number tracking
  • Multi-SKU pallets
  • Pallets/containers

  • Inter warehouse transfers
  • Min/max quantity per warehouse

  • Intuit QuickBooks
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Flat files import/export

  • RF/batch barcode scanners support
  • Barcode generation and label printing
  • Quickbooks Integration
  • Auto Allocation
  • UPS WorldShip Integration
  • Mapping
  • 3PL Billing
  • WinMobile Scanning
  • EDI Integration
  • Application Program Interface (API)